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The Medical Journal
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The Medical Journal

This journal is for those interested in health and healthcare, the field of medicine, diseases and treatments, medical news and breakthroughs, and other resources available on these topics. Anyone may join, post, monitor, or comment in the community.


• If you'd like to post or comment with an on-line article or article section, please quote the entire section pertinent to your point, as well as provide a link to the original source. (We ask that you quote the whole selection in order to preserve your reference should it no longer exist on the original site in the future).

• As a general rule of thumb, always credit your sources clearly.

• It's nice (though not required) if pay attention to your typing, spelling, grammar, and syntax, that they are acceptable. Edit your entries as practical, but when changing the point of your post, or making any other significant change to something already posted, it's courteous to mark boldly that it is an <b>Edit</b>, so as not to confuse people.

• When posting a longer text (of your own, or a quoted source) or an oversized image (generally with a width of more than 500 pixels) please be courteous and use an <lj-cut> tag, defining the text appropriately.

• Please do not post without a relevant subject line.

• If you do not like how this community is run, you are welcome to find another. This is not the place to advertise another community or a product nor seek medical advice. If you have a general or personal medical question, please post to medquest, our counterpart -- such posts may be deleted here without notice.


This community is maintained for sharing information and discussing said topics, in an orderly and intelligent manner. It's not a how-to on home care. Members and maintainer(s) claim no responsibility for actions of others based on information obtained here. Members and maintainer(s) also do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided or relevance of comments posted. LiveJournal.com is, of course, also absolved of any and all liability.

In the past, this was a closed/tightly moderated community and users posted on specific topics of interest. The following categories may no longer be relevant to each user:

lierre - Psych.; Pharm.; General
nremt - Emergency Medicine
kyliej - Women's Health
mznokia - General; Mental Health
i_get_stabby - Medical Anthropology
signamax - Urology (Research/Prostate Cancer)
arden - Pediatrics; Family Medicine
airport - General
eholea - Pediatrics; Pediatric Oncology; Neurology; Emergency Medicine
artrebel - Medical / Anatomical Illustration

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