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Premed, opted out, now premed again...?

When I started college, I was a bio/premed major. During freshman and sophomore years, I took a number of med school required classes, but did VERY poorly on them (as in, Cs would be my highest grades) - I wasn't disciplined, didn't know what I wanted out of life, etc. I was highly discouraged (by others and mainly myself) and by the beginning of junior year, I had switched to a different major as I decided to follow a different career track (I've done better in my courses since I switched, but  my overall GPA is about a 2.2). Outside of academics, I know I'm pretty solid (I don't have much experience in the health field but I do volunteer in general -have an interest in social justice issues- and should be able to get some supportive letters of recommendation).

Lately, as a college senior, I've been thinking of giving myself another chance at being a doctor. I don't think I could get into med school now (which is fine) - while being efficient, I want to take my time and make sure I'm doing things properly (ie: I don't want to rush into taking the MCAT just to wildly apply to X amount of schools by Dec 1).  I'm no longer afraid of hard work and am willing to do what I feel is necessary to improve my chances to get into a good medical program when the time is right.However,  I'm not sure what steps/path to take  now:

I thought about applying for postbac programs, but the majority say it's for people who haven't taken any of the prereqs OR for people who took the prereqs but have strong academic history  (and like I've said before, I've done the majority but have done badly in them).

Should I graduate college and then retake the required courses at another school while volunteering somewhere? Or are there any postbac programs for people who are in the same boat as me? Or is it more of a should I start all over (finish at my current school, then transfer elsewhere and take said classes over again)?

What would med schools want to see from me, following a semi non traditional path? Up until a little while ago, I was perfectly okay leaving my science gpa as it was because I was planning to go into a field where it didn't really matter).

Please advise if you can (anything else -that's constructive- you'd want to share would be much appreciated). Thanks!


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